Interesting interior design happens when textures, colors, and variation combine in surprising yet tasteful ways. When it comes to wood, overly matching finishes and tones can read as stodgy and banal. Furthermore, most people don’t buy all of their furniture at once but collect and purge items over a number of years. So, it would help to know how to pair wood tones together inside your home.

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Modern Classic: Interior Design for New Build Homes

Nestled in the downtown suburban neighborhood of Hilltop Denver, interior designer Tanya Campbell and developer Rubix Group LLC collaborated to build two new homes from the dirt to three stories high. The style? Minimalist modern and the other east coast traditional.

These two high-end spec homes were created with no particular buyer in mind. However, had a buyer purchased one of the homes prior to completion then the finishes would have been chosen for that buyer’s particular tastes and preferences. Without a buyer prior to the completion of the projects, the designer and developer proceeded to select finishes and make off the cuff design changes as the homes evolved. Read more

Viridis Design Studio Hotel Lobby Hospitality Design in Denver, CO

Hot Flooring Trends in Hospitality Interior Design

Stretching broadly beyond hoteliers and lodgers, the hospitality industry encompasses an array of businesses such as retail, restaurants, day spas, cruise ships, and other businesses that cater to the leisure activities of consumers. Likewise, in these experience and service-oriented businesses, operators’ unique need for comfortable and memorable spaces is coupled with the need for durable commercial-grade flooring that will outlast years of high foot traffic.
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Interior Design Trends for 2017 from Tanya, Interior Designer in Denver, CO

Tanya Campbell of Viridis Design Studio in Denver, Colorado is a passionate expert of interior design. She harmonizes modern and earthy design for an “organic chic” style drawing design cues from her travels around the world. Closing the door on 2016, she looks to 2017 with a bold eye for new trends to come.  Read more

Imagine a space where the outside world enmeshes with the inside – artificial structure harmonizing with natural elements. A sunroom serves as a functionally perfect room for cultivating the outdoors inside a home. For the homeowner seeking a space of refuge and inspired serenity, a sunroom is this perfect vignette.

Much like an in-home steam shower, a sunroom is a luxurious add-on not commonly found in most homes. Inspired sunrooms create an additional living space that provide homeowners with a place to enjoy outdoor elements like warm sunlight and cool breezes in a clean and controlled environment. Although unique to homes, we encourage homeowners who are considering sunroom design to strive for practical and timeless design while achieving a personal and modern touch.

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Interior Designer Boulder

Restaurant patrons and reviewers alike often use the term “atmosphere,” and indeed, it’s a vital part of their experience. An artful menu and reliable service are much of what makes a fine restaurant, but they must be accompanied by a well-chosen setting in order to differentiate the business and boost profitability.

The foundation of the atmosphere you build rests on restaurant interior design. Like designing an inviting home or a fine meal, the work of a professional commercial interior designer will take into account every facet of the customer experience, and shape it to encourage and complement the enjoyment of your cuisine. Read more

Once upon a time, a grandiose home was the height of sophistication. Nowadays, however, smaller spaces are gaining attention from people of all kinds, particularly trendsetters in Denver. With a little planning, the affordability and coziness of a small apartment or tiny house no longer have to cost you style or comfort. As you furnish and decorate your space, take advantage of our tips on how to make a small room look bigger.

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Interior design encompasses how we experience spaces – in the home, workspace, and in public. Designing a space is not only a creative process but it requires a technical knowledge base in developing function and following health and safety regulations. Good design should elevate an individual’s mood and help orient them at the same time. Interior design can be described as art or process of designing the interior, often including the exterior, of a room or building. Read more

powder-roomStyle and functionality transform this tiny powder room into a sumptuous space. Packed full of design detail and decadent, natural textures this swanky room evokes the feeling of stepping into a five star hotel spa rather than a small, high-rise bathroom.

Viridis Design Studio employed an extensive use of natural elements mixed with uncommon, modern features that leave guests pleasantly surprised. Read this interview with Tanya Campbell, lead designer at Viridis Design Studio, to get bathroom ideas for your next bathroom remodel project. Read more