Exterior Window Molding

exterior-windowExterior Window Brick Molding – In this example the old windows were replaced with glass block. Glass block comes in a variety of sizes, but most often no matter what size you select you will have an extra gap – either on the sides or on the top and bottom. This can be filled in with wood and covered on the interior rather easily with a ledge, trim or building the wall up to the new window size. However, the exterior building material is brick. It is not as easy to conceal the “extra gap” material from the outside. This example had wood on either side, flush with the window and painted to match the other decorative trim on the exterior! It didn’t look finished nor did it coordinate well with the other window ledges or trim. The best solution was brick-mold. In this case, the owner had extra bricks that matched the rest of the house. These bricks can be sliced thin like a loaf of bread. The brick slices were applied with mortar around the windows to conceal the extra gap on either side. The result is – the windows look balanced, finished and now blend with the rest of the house. AND this was done for next to nothing as the bricks were already there! If you don’t have bricks available, you can buy old bricks at architectural salvage places or you may have an old non-functioning chimney that can be made shorter and the bricks used from there. New brick mold can also be purchased – the challenge is to find the style and color that work best with the rest of your home.