Interior Design in Greenwood Village, CO

Greenwood Village is one of the Denver area’s old-time farming communities, grown into an attractive and classy suburb. Historic homes dating as far back as the town’s founding in 1860 tell a rich architectural tale of the Colorado gold rush, and of times since. Modern developments, most notably the urban yet beautiful lines of the thriving Denver Tech Center, have inevitably changed the landscape – but the old soul of the area remains, and the tasteful residents preserve it artfully.

Maintaining the structures and spirit alike is as pragmatic as it is aesthetic; with properties stretching from the $500,000s into the multimillions, the Greenwood Village community encompasses some of the most valuable property investments in the Denver metro area. They key to preserving the personality of a property rests in three focuses: grounds and landscaping, building maintenance, and interior design. Just as the first two require wise use of professional assistance, similarly does well-practiced interior design. Engaging a professional interior designer benefits you in numerous ways, from forming a cohesive plan that fulfills all your goals to the implementation of superior techniques and materials.

Whether you have a historic home that requires updates to fit a modern lifestyle or are developing one of the area’s premier commercial spaces, a consultation with Viridis Design Studio guarantees you the finest interior design in Greenwood Village. With over 17 years of industry experience, our well-curated team delivers expert residential and commercial design.

Our all-encompassing home design skillset includes:

  • Floor plans, basic décor, and fashionable updates
  • Furnishings, appliances, fixtures, and lighting
  • Electronics selection and integration
  • Customized elements that reflect your unique personality
  • Specialized optimizations for rental and vacation properties

Some exceptional commercial design services we offer are:

  • Maximizing efficiency and productivity through innovative space and psychology solutions
  • Enhancing customer engagement and sale closure in business-to-consumer establishments
  • Unique features and enhancements that honor and convey your brand
  • Tech and electronics strategy and implementation

When you engage Viridis Design Studio for your needs, you’ll receive fully customer-focused conduct and planning, followed through with stellar results. Our exquisitely skilled artisans and craftsmen are dedicated to creating your next personally customized space.

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