Interior Design in Kittredge, CO

Many of Colorado’s small mountain towns remain near-secrets, slowly attracting discriminating homeowners. A fine example is Kittredge, CO, a tasteful community tucked away between Evergreen and Genesee. Like the rest of the Denver area, property values in Kittredge are rising (the mean home value in Kittredge, CO surpassed $415,000 in 2016); likewise mirroring the rest of the state, one essential facet of retaining and increasing these values is the residents’ dedication to aesthetic maintenance. Whether your tidbit of Kittredge is a part-time or vacation home, or a long-held legacy to be passed to future generations, quality interior design is a well-reasoned investment in your home’s upkeep.

Living outside the city can make quality services hard to find, but fear not – Viridis Design Studio cheerfully offers our exceptional interior design services in Kittredge, CO and many other oases along the Front Range.

Consulting with a professional interior designer will aid you in making wise decisions for your home, such as: updated, energy-conservative appliances to help you go green and lower bills; pragmatic selection of durable materials for indoor and outdoor furnishings; and tasteful indulgence in unique accents for richer experiences of the space.

Our comprehensive selection of services includes:

  • Floor plans, decor, and aesthetic updates
  • Furnishings, appliances, fixtures, and lighting
  • Technology selection and integration
  • Customized artistic accents and elements
  • Optimized modifications for rental or vacation properties

From enhancing your family’s memories to increasing your property’s value, our team is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals for your home. We’re fully equipped with the advanced knowledge, expansive experience, and a dedication to flawless aesthetics required to make your dreams come true.

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