Welcome To My Interior Design Blog

tanya1I LOVE new clean-lined modern buildings and homes. I also LOVE older diverse neighborhoods full of homes built before I was born with loads of character! In my blog I will be pointing out features of both old and new homes that I find noteworthy. I will also provide design tips that you will hopefully find helpful and of interest, or at the very least – entertaining! If you have an older home and want to incorporate modern elements – I have ideas! If you have a newly built home or condo that looks like all the others in your neighborhood or building – I’ve got ideas for personalizing your space and making it stand out from the rest.

Do you have an old historic home? If so, you were probably drawn to the vintage characteristics that are not usually found in newer homes and the neighborhood. Features such as wainscoting, tall baseboards, arched doorways, elaborate window and door casing and just the homey feel of old brick and wood resonated with you and recalled eras gone by. However, those older homes need some updating and repair periodically. When this time comes, often the challenge is in how to preserve the character yet incorporate modern technology & furnishings, as well as, the conveniences that are valued in modern homes. Perhaps you need more closet space, a larger spa inspired bathroom, efficient HVAC, open kitchen plans, new windows. Or maybe you just need to upgrade the unfortunate finish choices of the previous owner i.e. paneling….EVERYWHERE….vinyl flooring, pink bathroom fixtures and broken down cabinetry! Well, I may not have all the answers, but I’ve lived through my own old home remodel and regularly consult with new homeowners, as well as those putting their home on the market. I provide interior and exterior design advice to many with older homes. Here I will be giving you my best design advice for these super-cool older homes, as well as, examples of homes done well and NOT so well!

Or do you have a newer home, loft/condo? Everything is brand new or like new and it’s great, except one thing – your space looks virtually identical to your neighbors! How can you set your home apart and create a space that is unique and individual? Here I will be sharing with you design ideas for customizing your space – combining personal items with new ones to create YOUR home or space that FEELS right and LOOKS amazing!