Tanya Campbell

As President and Founder of Viridis Design Studio, Tanya Campbell has an innate ability to transform a clientʼs ordinary living space into an extraordinary sanctuary. Tanyaʼs unique design style is characterized by her use of natural materials, combined in new and innovative ways, itʼs a modern approach to time honored design aesthetics. Fascinated by interior design, color and spatial concept since an early age, Tanya is passionate about applying her knowledge and insight from art history and formal design education, fashion and extensive world travel in her creative processes.

Attentive listening to the clientʼs needs, wants and desires, Tanya has been commended for her exceptional talent in translating the clientʼs vision into functional solutions, as well as, aesthetic expression. For residences the outcome is a unique and sophisticated multi-functional space, where the client is proud to entertain or to just come home and relax. For corporate or hospitality projects the outcome is a brand image that speaks quality, success and style.

Viridis Design Studio has been designing in Denver, Colorado for over 17 years. We recently relocated to Franklin, North Carolina in the beautiful Smoky Mountains and now service most of Western North Carolina, and the surrounding areas in Georgia, South Carolina and Tennessee.

Viridis Design Studio and our Interior Design Process

Viridis Design Studio has been designing in Denver, Colorado for over 17 years. Weʼve had the pleasure of working on a wide range of projects from mountain resorts, dental offices, dispensaries, restaurants to new construction, remodels, corporate lobbies and a wide variety of residences. It is our priority to make this a collaborative process between client and designer. We believe the most important aspect of the interior design process is to accurately translate YOUR style, personality, needs and desires into a design vision that brings you delight! Our aim is to create a space that makes you love where you live, work and play!

However, not all clientʼs have a clear vision or goal for their space, this is also where we bring our years of expertise and critical eye for design to help create the space you maybe only glimpsed at, but couldnʼt see yet. We become your design partner, guiding you through the process, while educating you about materials and providing a variety of options. We have flexible work hours and also work within the parameters that you choose. Some clients prefer to hire us more as a consultant role and others prefer full service design. Whichever your choice, we are happy to accommodate. We work hard to make the design process easy, stress-free and fun.

Viridis Design Philosophy

Our design philosophy is inspired by diverse ethnic cultures, world travels, art history, design trends and new and innovative materials. We look at the whole the world has to offer with regard to design aesthetics and materials. Foreign and domestic travels are constantly expanding our knowledge base. We also attend yearly markets and expos to keep abreast of new products and vendors. Then when we interview you and get a sense for who you are, we can couple your needs with our design experience and knowledge base to create what feels right for you our client!

Green design is also a component of how we approach a project, always looking for new healthy, sustainable and recycled or repurposed products. We also incorporate an intuitive form of Feng Shui, not insisting on specific colors or objects in a particular placement, as with the americanized version of Feng Shui, but rather sensing the current flow of energy and re-shaping the environment to allow for a natural ebb and flow of energy both visually and physically. When this balance is achieved a space will inherently feel right.