Interior Design in Highlands and Cashiers, NC

Property values in North Carolina are skyrocketing, and Highlands/Cashiers area is no exception. The value of the average Highlands home surpassed $757,489 in 2021, and commercial spaces are keeping pace. An oft-overlooked part of protecting your investment is interior design, which affects far more than just beauty.

For the home, updated furnishings, fixtures, coverings, and paint not only add value, but also preserve longevity of your home’s appearance and structures. For businesses, updated interior design keeps you on the cutting edge, improving customer attraction and retention, psychologically influencing sales, and encouraging maximum employee productivity.

Whether your goals surround comfort in your lifelong home, increasing value in a home you plan to sell, or increasing returns in the workplace, you can benefit from working with a professional interior designer. Viridis Design Studio is an excellent choice to meet your unique needs.

We’re proud to be the premier interior design service in Highlands, covering:

  • Aesthetic updates, décor, and floor plans for homes, vacation homes, and rental properties
  • Functional details, such as furnishings, fixtures, and appliances
  • Commercial design for offices, storefronts, restaurants, and more
  • Tech and electronics selection and integration
  • Custom elements and accents

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Our team is well-equipped with the expert knowledge, diverse experience, flawless aesthetic sense, and dedication it takes to develop your ideal space. For quality interior design services in Highlands, contact Viridis Design Studio today.