Floor Planning Services in Western North Carolina

Floor Planning DenverViridis Design Studio creates floor plans for residential homes and commercial spaces for homeowners and building contractors. Our expert interior designers construct custom designs, renovation, and addition plans.

Loft Floor Plans

The right floor plan for a loft transforms drafty, confusing open spaces into cozy living areas that maximize interesting features such as natural lighting, raw characteristics, and ergonomics. A loft floor plan should maintain an airy feel while providing privacy and more defined, flexible spaces while reflecting your own personal style. Conversely, if you are knocking down walls between multiple units to create a larger “penthouse” home, we will create a floor plan that creates uninterrupted flow within the parameters of the permanent building plans.

Home Floor Plans

Are you remodeling or renovating a home? Older homes called for spaces that were separated by walls. Today’s home owner desires open floor plans that provide a spacious feel with dramatic features. Our residential interior designers will guide you through the entire process of designing your new home and will create the house plan that fit your needs.

Multi-Unit Floor Plans

We work directly with building contractors to review plan layouts for condominiums, apartments, and townhome units. We add another layer of eyes, perhaps a new perspective that often helps avoid odd areas for cabinetry to fit, lack of art walls or features that homeowners will appreciate, obstructions to the view, and smoother transitions from one living area to another.

Commercial Floor Plans

Unique floor plans for upscale offices, restaurants, and hotels impact a business’ bottom line. We work with businesses and architects to construct floor plans that maximize value and flexibility of design. We think of unique installations and features that will brand your space and set you apart.

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If you need guidance in creating a floor plan, our designers are eager to help. For a consultation, contact us by phone at (303) 489-9958, or by filling out our online form.