Interior Design in Gatlinburgh, TN & the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee

Gatlinburgh and the surrounding area of Eastern Tennessee, features an array of personalities and vacation condos and properties to match. From historic homes dating to the early 1900s to newly developed custom builds and remodels the area paints the rich history of Appalachian culture. Classic styles displaying their European and Rural heritage, appeal also to patrons and clients in Gatlinburgh’s burgeoning commercial districts. Whether you’re perfecting your new home or office, or modernizing a weathered diamond in the rough, you can count on Viridis Design Studio for the best interior design in Gatlinburgh, TN.

Rising home values in Gatlinburgh, Tennessee are upwards of $611,000 as of spring 2021. Quality interior design protects your investment by upgrading you with the best materials and practices, as well as ensuring longevity of furnishings and elements. Viridis Design Studio also serves Gatlinburgh’s developing business sector, from enhancing the unique personality of small restaurants to streamlining productivity for tech startups.

With our knowledge of residential and commercial design needs, our artisans will perfectly execute every aspect of your remodel, including:

  • Floor plans, decor, and aesthetic updates
  • Furnishings, appliances, fixtures, and lighting
  • Electronics selection and integration
  • Commercial design for offices, storefronts, restaurants, etc.
  • Customized artistic accents

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With over 17 years in the industry, Viridis Design Studio has the experience and finesse to realize your visions. When you’re ready for services from the premier interior designer in Gatlinburgh, Tennessee, don’t hesitate to call us at or email us right away.