Design for Remodeling Services in Franklin & Highlands, NC

Remodeling Denver COGone are the days where an initial home design was final: A modern home is a work in progress that keeps pace with the changing needs of the homeowner and their family. When it comes to transforming an existing home into something entirely new, remodeling and interior design go hand in hand.

Viridis Design Studio offers a complete spectrum of remodeling services to the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina area homes, including bathroom remodel, kitchen remodel or a complete floor plan update. Over the past 17 years, we have established a flawless reputation of timely and precise deliveries, thereby ensuring that every remodel proceeds on schedule.

A typical remodeling project is executed in the following manner:

  • First, we conduct a detailed consultation regarding your interior design objectives. Key considerations to be addressed include but are not limited to the room or rooms to be remodeled, your list of goals for each room in question, your budget, any scheduling requirements, and more.
  • Once we have established the estimated scope of the remodel, we come in for an onsite evaluation. This serves the dual purpose of allowing us to see what you have envisioned for the end result as well as to provide you with a conceptual price quote on the design.
  • Finally, we create the design based on the previously discussed objectives and available resources. The goal is to have the completed design approved by the homeowner, and incorporate changes (if any), prior to handing the blueprint over to the remodeling team.

Ensure a Quick and Easy Remodeling Process

A successful remodel is a process where the homeowner, interior designer, and general contractor work together from concept to completion. You can count on the Smoky Mountains top-rated interior designers from Viridis Design Studio to steer the project in the right direction from the start, ensuring that your vision becomes a reality.

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